Points of Light

In association withVestra Wealth
Each year we host our annual lecture ‘The Importance of art and music in the Community’, the aim being to highlight the impact the arts have on society, the individual and the communities in which we work and live.

To open the subject up to a wider audience we have created a new series of filmed interviews ‘Points of Light’, that each month will profile a well known individual who will give their insights into why the arts are important to each of us as well as a glimpse into their life spent promoting or championing the arts.

It is our hope that you will share this journey with us, share the series with your friends and family and participate by talking about your experience within the arts, how it has impacted on you and how the arts has contributed to your community.

Each of us plays a unique part in the history of our world, the arts allow us the opportunity to place our personality through a shared experience, adding our own very special light to our moment in time!

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