The Light is a holistic regeneration project which seeks to reconnect the community and heritage of Treharris and the Taf Valley, bringing transformation to the community, the development of sustainable new businesses and a reinvigoration of the town.

The aim of The Light project is to increase employment, improve heath, stimulate better education standards and bring about a strengthened identity for the town and area.

"Social obligation is much bigger than supporting worthy causes. It includes anything that impacts people and the quality of their lives ." Henry Ford Jr

A new arts centre

The Light project Our vision is for a contemporary arts venue which will nurture creativity in the town, promoting music and the performing arts, creating a beacon of regeneration in the community.

Transforming Treharris

The Light project Trace the story of coal mining heritage and discover new routes to building a sustainable community in Treharris and the Taf Valley.

Pass on the lantern

The Light project Discover the stories and songs of the past and share them for the future. Connect with the coal-mining heritage of Treharris. Pass the lantern is a creative community project where everyone can get involved.

Light in dark places

The Light project Once it was miners' lights that shone in the darkness of underground. Now the creative arts could light up the life of a community with a distinctive and vibrant heritage, waiting to be rediscovered.