TFW Chosen as Charity of the Year by Gypsy Dynamite


The Thomas Frederick Willetts Foundation are thrilled to have been chosen as Gypsy Dynamite’s Charity of the Year. The ‘gypsy jazz’ band will be working alongside the charity both musically and by promoting us through their social media. It is exciting to be working with such a dynamic group of artists who share our love and passion for music and the arts!

Gypsy Dynamite was formed by guitarists Giulio Romano & Filippo Dall’Asta in 2012. Both are very eclectic musicians with a background in rock, classical, funk & gypsy jazz. The two met in a West London pub and after finding out they both play guitar and decided to collaborate. Since then they have played 500+ gigs in London and abroad and also perform as a four piece featuring double bass and clarinet.


The name Gypsy Dynamite comes from the marriage of Gypsy Jazz music with the high energy in their performances. Their style of music can be described as ‘Mediterranean Gypsy Jazz’ as it is influenced by Italian/Spanish/Greek music as well as the standard gypsy swing. The group have also taken inspiration from the people and places that they have discovered whilst touring.

We asked Gypsy Dynamite if they could explain why they wanted to support our charity: ‘TF Willetts Foundation has been very important for us as artists and we chose it as charity of the year because we believe in the power of art and music and we love the way they work. They are very organised, professional and efficient and they support a very noble cause as they encourage young people to connect to their artistic selves…and that is what we all need!

We will be promoting all of Gypsy’s upcoming gigs via our social media. If you would like to find out more about Gypsy Dynamite, visit their website:
Please also visit our Twitter (@TFWilletts) or our Facebook page for all of our latest news and events.

Written by Abbie Bolitho

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