the light project Sounding Motion

In addition to its normal performing activities this year, Sounding Motion is excited to begin working in partnership with the Thomas Fredrick Willetts Foundation on its two strands of educational and community projects: The Young Composers Project and our schools workshops.

The first project is our young composer’s workshop. Through attending rehearsals and various colloquia with our musicians, dancers and choreographer, we hope to provide an opportunity for these composers to interact and learn from our Company in a context outside the traditional conservatoire education.

sounding_motion_2Additionally, we will have each composer create a piece for any combination of our forces to be worked on in co-operation with our resident composer Benjamin Graves and other leading UK composers coming in as guest artists. By providing a platform for composers who at their age usually don’t hear their works performed, we hope to instill a sense of confidence through providing a creative and encouraging environment in which to experiment, make mistakes and discover new compositional ideas.

Secondly, we have designed “Music Moves” – a set of workshops to be implemented in schools and community centres across the UK. By demonstrating the the many sonic possibilities of viola and percussion and showing how this music leads to movement and choreography, we will create an exciting learning opportunity where students can dance, play percussion and explore the unique relationship of music to dance that is at the heart of Sounding Motion’s work.