the light project Pass on the lantern

Our Pass the Lantern project is about connecting future generations with the history and heritage of Treharris.

As the project grows, we will be featuring stories of ordinary folk, local heros, the people who make up the past of Treharris. You can get involved by telling the stories of your parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

A song for Treharris

Our new song by Oscar Foxley, The Lantern, is the story of Treharris. Or, perhaps more accurately, it is one of the stories of Treharris. At the heart of the song is the image of the lantern, which stands not only as a symbol of the community’s proud mining heritage, but also as a metaphor of something more universal.

The burning flame represents something living, something that can be endlessly shared and divided without ever diminishing. The flame was burning before we were born and it will continue long after we have gone ­ just as our present was once somebody’s future, our future will one day be somebody’s past.

It’s your turn

Of course, the true story of Treharris is made up of thousands of individual lives and experiences, and it is these stories that we want to tell over the coming months and years. Everybody with a connection to the town has the ability to illuminate part of the picture, and it is our hope that when brought together, the story of Treharris will stand as a beacon to similar communities across the world. So, if you have a story to tell, now is the time to hold your lantern high and share it with us!

Here’s how…

Please send us your stories. We’d love to hear stories about parents, grandparents, great grandparents, stories that are a part of the story of Treharris. We’d love to pass on those stories, finding ways of share them with others, building an archive that connects future generations with the unique history of our place. Please get in touch and share your stories.