the light project Our mission

The Arts have the ability to excite, empower and enrich all of our lives. Our hope is that more young people to have the chance to experience what that means first hand.

Music can change and transform communities, empowering all who participate. It’s great to be part of a charity which is working to make a difference.Alfie Boe

At The Thomas Fredrick Willetts Foundation we are committed to making this happen.

Music outreach

Through a programme of community driven initiatives, Luminary Awards for disadvantaged young people, educational projects and the creation of a new performing arts venues and facilities we are determined to place music, arts and culture at the centre of the community. Our motivation is in making a connection through music that will inspire, encourage and bring joy to the lives of all it touches.

Transforming individuals and communities

Our mission is to: Encourage young people to explore the arts through a range of projects aimed at building community. Empower young people to reach and fulfil their creative potential. Elevate and celebrate the gift of music, art, dance and word, through the creation of events and festivals within the community that bring community together. Enrich local communities with facilities that develop stronger identity and social improvements. Expand the gift, joy and expression of the arts into the wider community without discrimination of any kind.