the light project Choir of Light

In the Welsh tradition of fine singing, Thomas Fredrick Willetts wanted singing to play an important part in our outreach work.

Our ‘Choir of Light’ outreach project is designed to support, encourage and empower youth choirs from across the UK to become engaged, as a community of choirs, to actively reach out into their community to make a difference. Each month we provide grants that support a choir that has demonstrated how they have best served their community through the gifting and talents they have.

We also work with you as part of the ‘Choir of Light’ community to provide major performance opportunities across the year. Those who become part of the Choir of Light community will be given the opportunity to participate.

So, how do you become part of the ‘Choir of Light’ community?

Youth Choir

To qualify for a 250 pound grant, you simply need to send to us a video clip of a performance of your choir to, together with a 100 word community pitch describing how a grant would be used to reach out and support your community where you are based. The video will be posted on our Facebook page and at the end of each month, the choir that has the highest amounts of ‘Likes’ will be considered, together with the strength of their community pitch, for a grant.

We look forward to welcoming you as part of the ‘Choir of Light’ community’ working together we can make a difference in our communities and spread the joy of singing to those around us.