the light project A new arts centre


The Light will be an iconic world class purpose built arts venue in the centre of Treharris, creating a new focus and purpose for the town and fostering a renewed sense of pride in its history. Our ambition is to create not just a building but a new heartbeat for the community; a vibrant, lively focus for young people, visitors and a wide cross-section of the community.

Our vision is to empower local people, enabling them to enjoy the arts and benefit from the inspiration that the arts and creativity can bring.

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Also in Treharris

We have other ambitions too. The Light project aims to create new top class sporting facilities, recognizing the long and established part sport has played in the town’s history. Education also has strong links to Treharris with the USA Carnegie family building one of its first public libraries here, and so we aim to bring renewed life back to this iconic building and add new facilities that will serve the community for generations to come.